High Speed Water Rafting Snorkel Tour at Molokini & Kanaio - Agents

Adult Price (13 Yrs & Older): $140.00 + 8% ($11.20) + tax ($6.30) = Total $157.50

Kids Price (4 Yrs to 12 Yrs): $115.00 + 8% ($9.20) + tax ($5.18) = Total $129.38


4.167% Hawaii State Tax is applied


Operates: Daily

Check In: 6:30 am

Departure Time: 7:00 am

Return: 12:30 pm

Total Tour Time: 5.5 Hours

Check In at: Kihei Boat Ramp (Address: 2988 S Kihei Rd, Kihei, HI 96753)


The Kanaio/ Molokini tour is one of the most popular adventures because it combines the opportunity to explore a rarely seen and uninhabited part of Maui, The Volcanic Kanaio Coast. Offering a variety of remote exotic snorkeling sites including both spinner dolphin and green sea turtle habitats and the famous Molokini Marine Preserve.

The Kanaio Sea Caves... Passengers can expect a rare treat as they tour along Maui's Gold Coast Past Wailea and Makena to a remote and inaccessible coastline with spectacular views of the slopes of Mt. Haleakala. About 200 years ago at Kanaio, molten lava exploded from a side vent and poured into the ocean forming incredible lava arches, grottos and sea caves. Enjoy the beauty with an array of unique formations that await at every turn.

Following Kanaio, you will cruise to the protected waters of La Perouse Bay, frequently encountering a school of spinner dolphins , including babies, along the way or in the bay itself. Named for their acrobatics, these playful mammals will frolic in the wave produced by our boat sometimes only a few feet from the bow!

A continental breakfast is served around this time and a remote snorkeling site may be offered (time and conditions permitting) such as the La Perouse Pinnacle which is teaming with fish.

Molokini Crater... After departing La Perouse Bay, you'll head for Molokini, a short 20 minute ride from the bay. There we will generally offer up to three unique sites including the inside rim, the outer reef and the backside of the crater. By this time of the day conditions at Molokini are generally calm and most of the bigger boats have departed or are departing leaving plenty of room for uncrowded snorkeling.

Drift snorkeling the outer reef... is one of the many highlights of this tour. Imagine snorkeling one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world drifting gently along with the current as your boat follows nearby for your safety. Glide past a variety of butterfly fish, wrasses, black and pink tailed durgeons, all posing against a backdrop of beautiful coral only 3 feet below ... truly a photographers dream!
For an exciting panoramic view, venture over to the edge to witness an awesome 200 ft. drop. It's like looking off the edge of the world!

Back Side... Optional site... Time and conditions permitting, another drift snorkel may be offered on the backside of Molokini, a favored dive site for advanced scuba divers. The depth here is about 300ft. but the lighting and the view of the vertical wall of rock, coral and fish is phenomenal. This site may also be offered as an alternative to the inside under certain sea conditions.

Departing La Perouse Bay you make one more stop in Makena where a delicious deli lunch is served and you can snorkel with sea turtles and spotted eagle rays near pristine lava fingers.

The variety of scenery and wildlife encountered both above the surface and below the surface, make it one of the most exciting tours to experience!

High Speed Water Rafting Snorkel Tour at Molokini & Kanaio - Agents

  • 2 Snorkel Spots (Weather Permitting) 

  • All Snorkel Gear and Instruction 

  • Continental Breakfast

  • Deli-Style Buffet Lunch