Maui Circle Island Deluxe Helicopter Tour - 65 Minutes - Agents

Check In Location: Kahului Heliport

Check In Time: 30 Minutes Prior to your scheduled tour time

Estimated Flight Duration: Between 60 - 70 Minutes 


Circle Island Helicopter Tour - Deluxe Tour (65 Minutes)  

Enjoy all that Maui has to offer on this 65-minute flight that combines the best views of both East and West Maui. Enjoy gorgeous views of Hana’s tropical rainforest, Haleakala Crater, rugged coastlines and the lush unspoiled valleys of the West Maui Mountains. An experience like no other, this tour allows you to take pleasure in all of Maui’s splendid glory.


Standard or Upgraded Helicopter

Upgraded Helicopter - Every seat offers greater personal space, first-class individual seats, and expansive glass for exceptional visibility. This is the world's newest and most expensive model of touring helicopter, and the first specifically designed for air tours.

Standard Helicopter - Less personal space than the upgraded helicopter but with a similar open cabin design. Somewhat less viewing glass than the upgraded helicopter.


First Class or Open Seating

First Class Seating - is the two seats located up in the front, next to the Pilot Passengers enjoy “First Class” seating next to pilot, with extra arm and leg room. Maximum combined weight for two passengers in First Class on the Standard Helicopter is 400 lbs., and in the Upgraded Helicopter First Class combined weight is 490 lbs.

Open Seating Seating - seating assignment is based upon body weight and are generally the four seats in the back behind the Pilot.

What is an Early Bird Flight?

Early bird flights are flights that are offered before 8:00 am and after 2:00 pm on a daily basis and are $50.00 off the regular price per person. These flights are based upon availability and space is often limited as there is usually only one or two flights that take off during these times, with a helicopter that only holds up to six guests.


Our General Recommendation

We generally recommend booking a morning flight time however we also know that there are times when a later flight time may work better for your schedule. Morning and Afternoon tour times are offered but as mentioned before morning times tour times are our recommendation.


(Please note that the prices listed have tax and their helicopter fuel surcharge already added into it.) 


Prices Per Person:

Early Bird Flight Prices: 

Before 8am or After 2pm Only

Early Bird - Standard Helicopter - Open Seating: $ 295.00 + 8% ($23.60) = $318.60

Early Bird - Upgraded Helicopter - Open Seating: $ 370.00 + 8% ($29.60) = $401.60


Prices Per Person:

Regular Day Flight Prices:

Standard Helicopter - Open Seating: $ 345.00 + 8% ($27.60) = $372.60

Standard Helicopter - First Class: $ 440.00 + 8% ($35.20) = $472.20

Upgraded Helicopter - Open Seating: $ 420.00 + 8% ($33.60) = $453.60

Upgraded Helicopter - First Class: $ 515.00 + 8% ($41.20) = $556.20


Agent Commission E.B Standard O.S. per person: $23.60

Agent Commission E.B. Upgraded O.S. per person: $29.60

Agent Commission Standard O.S. per person: $27.60

Agent Commission Standard First Class per person: $35.20

Agent Commission Upgraded O.S. per person: $33.60

Agent Commission Upgraded First Class per person: $41.20


Weight & Size Guidelines: Helicopter weight and balance changes with every flight because of passenger weight, pilot weight and length of flight (fuel weight). It is important that we have accurate body weight from every passenger. FAA regulations require all passengers and their carry-on items to be weighed at time of check-in. If a standard airline seat belt is too small or you weigh over 240 pounds you may be required to purchase a comfort seat on their Standard Helicopter.  If you are between 240-290 lbs. we recommend Open seating on the Upgraded Helicopter. Over 290 lbs. may require a comfort seat on their Upgraded Helicopter.

Maui Circle Island Deluxe Helicopter Tour - 65 Minutes - Agents

  • Circle the Island of Maui 
  • See Beautiful Waterfalls the West Maui Mountains, Haleakala & Hana!
  • Reliable Company & Crew with Great Safety Record
  • Flexible Availability when booking your tour in advance
  • Small tour size - only up to 6 passengers per flight