Kauai - Princeville Adventure - Whisper Star

Kauai Helicopter Tour Departs from/on Kauai.

Need to be on or visiting Kauai when booking this tour. 


Check In Location: Princeville Airport - On Kauai

Check In Time: 45 Minutes Prior to your scheduled tour time

Estimated Flight Duration: Between 40 - 50 Minutes 


Princeville Adventure Helicopter Tour - 45 Minute Tour 

See areas where no one has ever set foot. Hidden places that can only be discovered from the air. Your tour will also include many famous areas that have made the "Garden Island" a favorite location for Hollywood.


On this Kauai helicopter tour adventure you will see lush valleys dotted with waterfalls, colorful and intricate Waimea Canyon and the impenetrable Na Pali coast known for its towering razor sharp cliffs, secluded beaches and much more. Explore the unreachable beauty that is Kauai. You will see the Na Pali Coast, Waimea Caynon, Wailua Falls, Mount Waialeale while learning about the legends and history of the island that our pilots call home.


Tour Waimea Canyon, dubbed by Mark Twain as the " Grand Canyon of the South Pacific." Although Mark Twain never visited the island, he must have seen enough of it to judge the unparalleled grandeur of this famous Kauai landmark. It is truly a spectacular sight. Mount Waialeale is known as the wettest spot on earth with an average annual rainfall of about forty feet. Most of the mountain rain drains into the nearby Alakai Swamp, home to several rare species of plants and birds. Wailua Falls is also known as Fantasy Island Waterfalls for their cameo appearance weekly in the TV series of the same name.The legendary Na Pali Coast, with its dramatic cliffs chisled by time to a razor sharp beckoning, is spellbinding no matter how many times you see it. 

Kauai - Princeville Adventure - Whisper Star


You will see:

  • Na Pali Coast
  • Waimea Caynon
  • Wailua Falls
  • Mount Waialeale


All while learning about the legends and history of the island of Kauai