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Maui is a very popular vacation destination, so booking your activities in advance is highly recommended. Most popular activities at times can become sold out several weeks to sometimes a month or so in advance, especially during our busy season here on Maui. So booking your favorite activities in advance is highly recommended. Especially if you have specific days of your vacation that you want to schedule each of your activities. *Horseback riding is an activity that does sell out several weeks to sometimes months in advance. 

Always know though that our Maui Born & Raised specialist are here to assist you and can help you plan out and book all the things you want to do before you fly out to Maui as well. Just give us a call!  


No matter how you choose to book, whether it be through our personally selected activities on our 'Book Now' page or you want to call us direct. By booking in advance you'll be able to get started on your wonderful vacation upon arrival and avoid wasting valuable time standing in line at your general hotel concierges or looking thru pamphlets of what to do on Maui when you arrive. This will allow you to enjoy every minute of your vacation from the time you step off your plane.



When confirming bookings online

Once we have decided which activities you would like to book, just click the link to book and confirm your activity! It's that simple. You will then receive a confirmation email for your booking that provides you with the time and address of where you need to be for the day of your scheduled activities. Please remember that if you decide to make any changes to your booking that most of these companies that you let them know at least 48 hours before your scheduled activity. Some companies may need a little more advanced notice and some may not allow you to cancel once booked depending on the company. Please make sure to take note of what is your cancellation on the specific activities you book. You can generally find this information on each activity's front page next to the "check availability" button just before you press it to book.


If calling to book with us over the phone

 We would just need the following information from you:

  • Arrival date & Departure date to Maui

  • First & Last Name 

  • Phone number

  • Email address

  • Credit Card to confirm your reservations.


***Side Notes: Please let us know the ages of any children participating in an activity. And all zipline, bike, & helicopter tours will ask for your height & body weight upon confirming your reservation. 


  • All Tours Operate RAIN or SHINE, is the standard policy for most companies.

  • If a tour company decides to cancel a tour it is the sole decision of the of that specific  company/operator to make that decision.

  • These tour companies do want you to have the best experience so if they consider any weather condition on the day of your activity too risky and or not safe to operate their tour they will cancel it and usually allow a refund or rescedule it to a different day.

  • If you do not recieve a direct call from an activity company cancelling your tour assume that your tour WILL still be operating that day. 


Most activities have a 48-72 hour cancel policy but some maybe non refundable at the time of booking. This means that if you decide that you would like to cancel, and/or make any changes to your reservations, that the change/cancel must be made prior to whatever time frame is specified for your specific activity for it to be fully refundable. If you are traveling with a large group however an expanded cancellation time frame maybe given. Please make sure you are aware of your activities cancellation policy before booking. 


  • One thing to note is that - All One Day Fly Away tours to Oahu, Pearl Harbor are non refundable and cannot be cancelled and or changed after that.

  • Please remember that the decision to cancel a tour because of the weather or for any other reason (within your specific activities cancellation policy time frame) is ultimately the sole decision of the Captain/Manager of the specific activity company/tour operator you are scheduled with. 

  • All Tours Operate RAIN or SHINE (please reference information under question "What if it rains?" 

  • A good rule of thumb is to never assume a tour is cancelled unless you receive a direct call from the specific tour company that you are scheduled to go on. Sometimes cancellations due to weather may not be made till the day or your scheduled activity date. 

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