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Road to Hana

Are you driving the Road to Hana on your Maui vacation?

Here is our fast forwarded 48 second sneak peak, for all of you contemplating the Road to Hana Drive...

And don't forget this is just a taste of all the beautiful sights you will get to see along the way!

PS. Just to make sure you have the best experience possible, here is what you need to know...


1. Leave Early & Fill Up Your Tank 

(You’ll beat the traffic and might even be able to squeeze in a few more sights. Also, gas in Hana is usually $.40 to .50 cents more than other parts of the island and you might be surprised to know, but there are no gas stations between Paia (the town just before the Road to Hana officially begins and Hana town). So don't forget to fill up before heading out. 

2. Pack Water, Snacks & Something Bubbly

(There aren’t a ton of places to stop and prices are higher for simple things on this side of the island. Also, the something bubbly is for if anyone in your car gets carsick you’ll want to pack some sprite or ginger ale to settle their stomachs, and crackers ;)

3. Bring Cash 

(Many places along this side of the island will not take credit cards. You don’t need a ton, but be sure to pull out some cash before you start the drive.)

4. Block Out the Whole Day

(The Road to Hana is is a full day activity, and NOT something you can finish in a morning or an afternoon. You'll want to stop just about everywhere and the drive is very slow. Even starting early will take you the full day to do the trip.)

5. Wear Your Swimsuit and Bring A Change of Clothes

(If there is a chance you’ll be jumping in the water, at a beach or a waterfall along the way, you should wear your swimsuit. There will be a ton of people and it’s much easier to just slip off an extra layer than it is to find somewhere to change in and out of your suit on the Road to Hana.)

6. Pick Your Spots Carefully - Don’t be afraid to stop, but don’t stop everywhere.

(The Road To Hana is absolutely gorgeous, but you probably won’t have time to see every waterfall or viewpoint up close. If you try to stop everywhere, you’ll end up getting stressed out as you try to jam all these attractions in.Or even better, follow a set tour itinerary designed by a professional guide to ensure you hit all the highlights and maybe even a few little-known spots. Remember Hana is more about the journey & sights, rather then the destination.)

7. Mile Markers are Important on this Drive

(Every map, person, audio guide and/or list of highlights will be based on how far you are from the last mile marker or how close you are to the next, so one person in the car should be given the task of paying close attention to mile markers. Also, keep in mind that the name of the highway will change along the way (Hwy 31, Hwy 36, Hwy 360), even though it is the same stretch of road.) 

8. Drive at Your Pace, But Be Respectful of Other Drivers

(One of the tips for the Road to Hana you should take to heart is to not feel pressured to go any faster than you feel comfortable with, however be courteous. Remember: this is a busy route used every day. So respect those who aren’t traveling at a visitor’s speed. If there’s someone behind you that looks as if they’re driving rather than sightseeing, pull over to the side of the road whenever it’s safe to do so to let them pass.)

9. Consider Spending The Night

(Cruising the Road To Hana can be one long road trip if you tackle it in a single day. So if you’re the type to linger, spend the night in some quality accommodations instead. You could try Travaasa Hana, which was voted the number one Hawaiian resort in 2011 by readers of Condé Nast Traveler. Or the Hana Kai Maui. Both are awesome options for a little bit of rest and relaxation. You can also check out websites like Airbnb which has some great vacation rental options as well.) 

10. Get Back Before Sunset

(With all the bends, this drive is much better when you can see the cars coming up on you and where the road turns. One of the tips for the Road to Hana is getting back through the worst of the drive before the sunsets. If you leave early, then you’ll have enough time to really enjoy the drive.)

And Last but not least... Don't forget your Sunglasses, Bug Repellent & most of all your Camera!



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